Excel 2016 For Mac – Functionality Released

Intrinio Excel add-in Now Supports Excel 2016 for Mac

We know we're late on this one - but we've been busy bees!

The Intrinio Data Feed can now be accessed via Microsoft Excel 2016 on Mac operating systems.


Intrinio offers the most affordable financial data feed on the market, and it's the only data feed compatible on both Mac and Windows operating systems. We strive for unprecidented flexibility, cross-platform compatibility, instant customer support, and prices that make you do a double take.

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Efficiency Upgrade: Dimensional Calls

We want to keep our customers looking their best.

So, we made an upgrade to help you be more efficient.

Introducing: Dimensional Calls

Your life just got a whole lot easier.


This function is built to help developers make more efficient use of our API, but it doesn't work with our Excel add-in or Google Sheets add-on.


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