TipRanks Data Feeds on the Intrinio Marketplace

We're proud to announce a brand new partnership with TipRanks - a leader in analyst ratings and rankings. We've added three new TipRanks products to the marketplace: News Sentiment, Analyst Ratings & Blogger Ratings. These data sets provide unprecedented access to powerful sentiment indicators. This article explains these new data feeds in depth with sample code and examples for how to get started.

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Introducing CSV Downloads For Intrinio Financial Data

Intrinio's mission is to make financial data affordable and accessible so investors can save money and make time to build something meaningful. We have been hard at work on the "affordable" part of our mission, adding new data feeds to the marketplace so our users can access more data types in our pay-for-use model.

Now, we are excited to announce some serious progress on the "accessible" part of our mission. It is now possible to query the Intrinio financial database via API and receive responses in CSV format. In other words, you can download Intrinio data in bulk to CSV and open it in Excel for further analysis.

This article explains why you might want this functionality and how you can use it.

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