Developer Spotlight #13: Threadvest

Our mission at Intrinio is to power a generation of applications that will fundamentally change the way our broken financial system works. Intrinio's financial data feeds form the basis of large enterprise business reporting applications, fintech web-apps, mobile apps, and even blogs. It's rewarding to see our stock API come to life at the hands of today's most innovative developers. They are building powerful things.

We're lucky to be in a business where we grow together with our customers, and we're proud to show off their hard work. Each blog in this series will feature a developer or a startup that has leveraged our financial data feeds to build something incredible.

These are their stories.

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Top Dividend Stock Picks for 2019: A Guest Post by The Dividend Pig

With 2018 wrapping up in a rather ominous manner, I thought it would be an interesting experiment to use only Intrinio data to try and decipher which dividend growth stocks might perform the best in 2019.

For this exercise, I will ONLY look at Intrinio data and their built-in financial ratios and formulas to evaluate a rather large list of stocks (roughly 115 individual companies) I currently hold in my dividend portfolio.

Below are the top 7 companies that rate well.  As I have no certainty if this is the start of a bear market (with some sectors & companies down 20%) or just a steep correction, I have attempted to assemble a list of high-quality, dividend growth stocks with stable earnings, increasing dividends, manageable debt and plenty of cash flow to cover those (hopefully) rising dividends - even during difficult times.

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