API Call: What is it, and What Does it Get Me?

The Intrinio Financial Data Feed is delivered to our users via an API. This API interfaces directly with Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel, enabling you to pull in any financial data point from our database. After downloading the Intrinio Excel add-in or installing the Intrinio Google Sheets add-on, you can use Intrinio formulas to pull in any type of data that you want. When you query data into a cell, you are making an API Call.

Developers use the API to pull Intrinio data into any system that they are using. If you're not a developer, it can be confusing to understand API Calls and how they work with Excel and Google Sheets.

At Intrinio, we price by the API Call. This means that you only pay for the data you use - and nothing more. We're the only financial data provider to ever provide this model to our users, and it's saving you hundreds of dollars.

This infographic will help you understand how API Calls work. On our Free Plan, you can make 500 API Calls per day. On average, this will get you all of the financial data for about 5 companies.

Generally speaing, 1 API Call is equivalent to pulling in one piece of data from our database into Excel or Google Sheets. However, there are a few exceptions - including pulling in entire financial statments, and pulling in all price history for one company.

Check out the infographic below to learn what an API Call is.

Intrinio API Call Infographic


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