How Financial Data from Intrinio Can Help You Decide What Stocks to Buy

stocks to buyThis is a common situation: you notice a stock is rising, so you purchase that stock. Then, the stock falls and you lose a lot of money.

It's a common mistake, especially for those who are new to the stock market.

Only investing in the stocks that are performing well, but ignoring factors such as data feed and trends. Identifying which stocks will make a profit is difficult, even for experienced players in the stock market.

Fortunately, there are resources you can use. Intrinio's financial data can help you identify which stocks to buy.

Here's more information about Intrinio's financial data feed and how to utilize it so you can always profit in the stock market.

Enhanced Security with Historical Stock Price

Any smart investor will know the history of a stock before investing -- or, at least, before investing a lot of money. This is why it's important to look at the history of a stock's price and their performance in the stock market.

Intrinio's financial data offers this. The data feed for each stock shows its historical stock price and historical stock data. Therefore, you'll be able to study historical trends and prices to better understand which stocks to buy.

While you may notice a stock price is rising, you look back in the historical data and notice that particular stock had movements of rising and falling.

But if the stock has been on an upward trend for several years, you'll know that's a stock that can make a profit.

It should be noted that's nearly impossible to outsmart stock data because of historical prices and trends. But this strategy will lead you closer to a hefty profit.

Stock Prices Updated in Real-Time

Yeah, you can look at any internet database and find stock prices updated in real-time. But what about the stocks you purchased? What's the best way to know the price of your stock before you sell it?

While most investors use the stock prices from online sources, they're not seeing real-time updates for stocks to buy.

Some of these resources are delayed, such as by fifteen minutes. At Intrinio, our stock prices are updated in real-time so you know your gains and losses when it's time to sell those stocks.

If you're interested in a certain stock, receiving real-time trading information is easy. Just log into your account and make an API call.

Includes Dividend Information

Do you prefer stock dividends? You have dividend options when investing with Intrinio. And Intrinio's data feed shows a thorough explanation of dividends so you know which ones to invest in.

Let's say you purchase a monthly quote from one of the vendors provided on the Intrinio website. You'll be able to conveniently view data on the dividend stocks, including the pay dates and the ex-dates.

You'll also view other useful dividend information including:

  • Currency
  • Price Per Share
  • Market Cap
  • Frequency of Earnings

If you're serious about investing in stock dividends, you'll need to know all information regarding paying for the stock and the earning dates and ex-dates.

Intrinio's structure helps remind you of these ex-dates so you can keep track of the most profitable dividends.

Intrinio gives you access to this data with a conventional structure, tracking data from sources such as Wall Street.

Stock Analysis

It's easy to not know where to begin when analyzing stocks to buy. Fortunately, data is available that will help you with this task.

These analyzing technologies, from Vendors such as Zacks, can estimate thousands of stocks. This software gives you insight such as intrinsic value and basing that off of stock estimates and earnings per share.

Since there are reputable names such as Zacks behind the technology, you know you're receiving the analysis from the experts.

It's important to remember, playing the stock market is never a guarantee you'll come out wealthier than you did before. It's easy to lose money or break even. But analyzing software brings you one step closer to profiting off of stocks.

Stock Recommendations

While stock analysis software helps you break down all aspects of a company's revenue and your potential earnings, other software actually recommends a stock based on factors such as target prices.

Vendors, such as TipRanks, provide stock recommendations using information such a stock's target prices. They recommend actions, such as buy, sell, and hold.

You can also request the stocks you're interested in, and the software scans the internet looking for current and historical pricing.

This way, you receive the benefits of a broker while having the flexibility to choose and invest in your own stocks. You gain professional opinion while using the freedom to research your own stocks for your portfolio.

Large Cap, Medium Cap, and Small Cap Stock Assistance

Intrinio and vendors such as Quodd offer stock prices from companies of all sizes. Most investors prefer indulging in large-cap stocks; they're reliable and they're a safety blanket where investors can always make a profit.

But are you the investor who's a risk-taker? There are plenty of medium and small cap to analyze.

Fortunately, your risks won't be too hefty, even when investing in the smaller caps. Intrinio's software with vendor support updates in real-time and prices streamline to your server.

Even when the stocks of large caps go down, you'll know when they immediately increase.

If you truly want to increase your portfolio, you'll know which medium caps to invest in. If you want to take a risk for potential growth, you'll know which small caps are worth it.

Now You Know Which Stocks to Buy

Intrinio's technology with vendor support helps you identify the best stocks. You'll be able to see company stocks updated in real-time, streamlined to your server and available on the cloud for further analyzing.

If you want increased security on your portfolio, most services feature historical data and pricing so you can see stock trends for a specific company. This is an essential tool for any investor, beginning or expert.

Start now by selecting the data feed that works best for your investing methods.