Financial Modeling with Free Intrinio Data in Excel and API

If you think financial modeling is buying expensive clothes to impress your friends, this article isn't for you. If you think financial modeling requires data entry to constantly update your calculations, you are in for a treat. This article shows how to calculate a discounted cash flow (DCF), weighted average cost of capital, or quantitative model in Excel or via API automatically, without data entry.

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Sector & Industry API – [Instant Access via SIC Code]

Accessing Intrinio data for individual US equities is affordable, easy and extremely valuable when analyzing investments. What can be even more powerful at times, is accessing that data on an industry-wide or sector-wide level. We developed a Sector & Industry API so investors and developers can instantly access data to generate lucrative insights for different segments of the market. You can check out the data feed here.

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Stock Valuation – Valuing Stocks With Intrinio’s Free Tools

Stock Valuation - The Art and the Science

Warren Buffett is one of the most famous investors of our time and is a stock valuation pro. He learned most of what he knows from Benjamin Graham - the KING of Value Investing.

"Long ago, Ben Graham taught me that price is what you pay, and value is what you get. Whether we're talking about socks or stocks, I like buying quality merchandise when it is marked down." - Warren Buffett

Stock valuation involves analyzing a company from many different angles to determine an intrinsic value. This intrinsic value will either be above or below the current stock price. If the value you arrive at is above the stock price - buy it! It's cheap. If the value is below the stock price- sell it! It's expensive.

Not everyone is a fan of value investing; it's more of a long term approach. Hundreds of thousands of traders around the world pay little attention to the value of a stock, instead raking in big bucks betting on fluctuations in the price of the stock. Day trading, however, is incredibly risky and very few make money at it in the long run. To make an informed investment decision it's wise to analyze the value of the stock before buying.

Stock valuation is as much an art as it is a science. Running a discounted cash flow is somewhat of a science. Deciding which assumptions to put into that model - that is an art. Looking back over historical earnings and performance is a science. Modeling future sales based on industry knowledge and macroeconomic forecasts - that is an art.

There are lots of tools publicly available to assist you in performing stock valuation. We've developed two free tools that take care of the science for you, allowing you to focus fully on the art.

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FDIC Data for Banks [Call, UBPR & Y-9C Reports]

Intrinio was founded on the principle that making financial data affordable and accessible has the potential to ignite innovation in an archaic industry. First, we built our technology and used it to get full coverage of US equity data. Then we started looking for new data sets that needed to be freed from the shackles of oligopolistic pricing. We stumbled upon FDIC data, and what we built has become truly exciting. 

Because of our technology, we're able to serve this data up at a fraction of the cost of other providers. What was once a premium product reserved only for large organizations (who overpay as well) is now affordable and accessible. Eat your heart out.

FDIC Data - The Regulatory Filings

If you're a bank analyst, an investment banker, or the CFO of a bank, you are most likely intimate with the idea of FDIC data. Feel free to skip to the next section so you can get your hands dirty right away.

But for the rest of us, what exactly is FDIC data?

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Stock Price API and Excel add-in. Real time and EOD prices

Intrinio's support team has chatted with thousands of users. One of the most common topics they ask us about about is adding new data types to the Intrinio Fintech Marketplace. They are fed up with data they get from other providers because it is hard to access and expensive. We use those requests to prioritize the data we add next because we know if our users are asking for it it means there aren't any good solutions out there. The first data we prioritized based on user requests was stock prices. Our stock price API is unprecedentedly affordable and easy to access in Excel or API format.

This article explains the ins and outs of the stock price API, how it is used in Excel, and what comes next from Intrinio for stock prices.

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Stock Screener API From Intrinio For Free

We looked up the number of google searches for "Stock Screener API" and found out that only between 10-100 people search for it each month. Thats a tiny market, but if that is what you were looking for, you've come to the right place. This article explains what Intrinio's stock screener API is, how to get access for free, and provides example API calls.

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Standardized XBRL Financial Data – [Why it matters and How We Fix It]

If you want to find out what Tesla's market capitalization was over the past ten years, and you want to access that data in Excel, it seems like it should be cheap and straightforward to do so. If you're a developer and you're looking to get the Oil Industry's performance charted on your website, it seems like accessing that data should be a no brainer. Thanks to a technology called XBRL, this has become easier over the past several years.

The truth is - there is a whole world operating behind the scenes of financial data feeds. There are professionals, companies, industries, governmental bodies and hundreds of thousands of employees working to deliver you your historical market cap.

Outside of the Intrinio Fintech Marketplace there aren't many options for accessing this data. The options that do exist are prohibitively expensive for two reasons.

  1. Financial data in its raw form requires normalization.
  2. Current normalization methods are manual and outdated

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International Stock Prices From Exchange Data International

One of our most frequently requested data types is international stock prices. Exchange Data International (EDI) is a trusted source for EOD stock prices from around the globe as well as over the counter (OTC) and corporate actions data. We are pleased to announce that EDI data will now be available in the Intrinio Fintech Marketplace.

Pairing EDI's much sought after data types with Intrinio's platform will provide Intrinio's users with a crucial data source and make it easier than ever to access EDI data. We launched the marketplace to make financial data affordable and easy to access- partnering with EDI allows us to expand that vision.

This article explains which EDI data feeds will be available, how much they cost, and how to access them in Excel or API formats. If you are interested in how Intrinio uses the Security Master to identify stocks across international exchanges, this article is a good resource.

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Analyst Estimates From Zacks In the Intrinio Fintech Marketplace

The Intrinio Fintech Marketplace was designed to make financial data affordable and easy to access. We are pleased to announce the expansion of that vision with the addition of a new data partner, Zacks, whose analyst estimates data will now be available in the marketplace.

Zacks forward and historical estimates of both EPS and revenue are a trusted source of information in the investment community. Intrinio's platform features disruptively affordable data feeds accessible for financial analysts in Excel and fintech developers via an API. Pairing Zacks analyst estimates with Intrinio's platform will provide Intrinio's users with a crucial data source and make it easier than ever to access Zacks data.

This article explains which Zacks data feeds will be available, how much they cost, and how to access them in Excel or API formats.


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Trouble Shooting the Excel Add-In On PC

This article provides a step by step process for getting the Intrinio Excel add-in installed if you are experiencing problems on a PC. If you get stuck on a step or follow the process and still aren't able to get the add-in working, feel free to chat with our team.

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Trouble Shooting on PC

1. Did you follow the process in the Excel tutorial?

The Excel tutorial will walk you through the install steps. If you didn't follow the tutorial give it a try- it includes step by step instructions. If you followed the tutorial and are still having problems continue to step 2.

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