API Call: What is it, and What Does it Get Me?

The Intrinio Financial Data Feed is delivered to our users via an API. This API interfaces directly with Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel, enabling you to pull in any financial data point from our database. After downloading the Intrinio Excel add-in or installing the Intrinio Google Sheets add-on, you can use Intrinio formulas to pull in any type of data that you want. When you query data into a cell, you are making an API Call.

Developers use the API to pull Intrinio data into any system that they are using. If you're not a developer, it can be confusing to understand API Calls and how they work with Excel and Google Sheets.

At Intrinio, we price by the API Call. This means that you only pay for the data you use - and nothing more. We're the only financial data provider to ever provide this model to our users, and it's saving you hundreds of dollars.

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Stock Price Data: Intrinio Adds More Frequencies

Introducing: Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly Historical Price Data

We've officially added a new frequency parameter to our stock price data. The Intrinio Financial Data Feed now offers Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly Historical Stock Price Data. You can easily and flexibly pull this data into Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or any platform using our API. Our pricing is one-of-a-kind, enabling you to get started pulling in 500 API calls per day for Free. Easily upgrade to a higher plan, and still - ONLY pay for the data you use.

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Is Your Data Feed Data Freed?

A financial data feed without restrictions.

At Intrinio, our Data Feed is Data Freed. We provide a wealth of financial data to users, but we do it differently than you've ever experienced. Whether you're an individual investor, a professional investor, a student, a startup or a developer - our Data Feed gives you a degree of flexibility that was never possible before. We're constantly breaking down barriers for you and making your experience more and more seamless.

Our goal? To free you from data feed restrictions that have held you back so you can be as efficient and productive as possible.

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Valuation: An Innovative Stock Valuation Engine [tutorial]

This short tutorial is designed to walk you through each step of valuing a company on the Intrinio Valuation engine.

The Valuation platform enables you to scenario test the value of companies under different circumstances. For example, you could run and save three different valuations that show the value of a company as a base case, bearish/downside or bullish/upside.

In this tutorial, we’re going to calculate the intrinsic value of Michael Kors (NYSE: KORS) under the scenario of a recession in 2016.

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Financial Data – A Radical Change in Pricing

Say goodbye to the seat license.

At Intrinio, you only pay for the financial data you use.

Last week we decided to do away with an age-old pricing model in the financial data industry. For years, investors have been constrained within a pricing model that leaves them overpaying for data (and let's be honest - "sharing" their seat licenses among the whole team). On average, you only use 10% of the data from your expensive data subscription. The model doesn't work, and it isn't fair to users of financial data.

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FinTech Sandbox Welcomes Intrinio as a Data Partner

FinTech Sandbox, a nonprofit whose mission is to promote entrepreneurship and innovation globally in the financial technology sector, today announced a new data partnership with Intrinio. Intrinio will provide residents of the FinTech Sandbox program with free access to their flexible, dynamic, cross-platform financial data feed.

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