How to Find and Leverage Financial Data Sources

financial data sourcesWhether you are trying to avoid financial disaster or looking to think more successfully like a stock analyst, there is nothing more essential than the right financial data sources for managing money.

Even heralded investment guru Warren Buffett struggles. He talks about the importance of getting quality financial data sources.

Recently Buffett mentioned the issues Berkshire Hathaway has with "adjusted earnings." He encouraged companies to provide solid information.

Then again, the Oracle of Omaha places a lot of importance on collecting and digesting quality data. In fact, he devotes nearly 80% of his time reading.

Knowing where to find the best financial data sources is important. As is spending your time with the information.

Follow these guidelines and you'll be ahead of the market in no time:

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Real Time Stock Prices From Quodd

Get the Intrinio Financial Data API

Intrinio is pleased to announce the addition of QUODD to the Intrinio Fintech Marketplace. Intrinio users can now access more than a dozen real-time stock, index, commodities, forex, and options price feeds through QUODD's low latency exchange connections.

This article explains which data feeds are included and how they can be accessed by different types of users.

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