The Essential Beginners Guide To Smart Investment

smart investment

Becoming an investor is a great way to financial freedom. But only if you’re making the right investments. There’s great potential in this field, especially with all of the markets you can get into.

As an investor, you have to have a good eye and an ear close to the ground. This goes for whether you’re investing in the stock markets, real estate, or businesses.

The beauty of investing is you can potentially hit it big. But there’s always the risk of a major flop. And this scares a lot of newbies.

How do you know when you’re making a smart investment?

Well, in this guide, we will cover the essential tips every beginner investor should know. Let’s dive in.

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Corporate Actions API For Developers

Intrinio provides corporate actions data for companies around the world with the help of our partner, Exchange Data International (EDI). A corporate action is any event that has a material impact on a company’s shareholders and can include anything from a merger to a dividend. This article explains the corporate actions API, including important links to resources, what is included, how much this data feed costs,  and how to access it via API.

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Yahoo Finance API Replacement – Intrinio

Get the Intrinio Financial Data API

Last week, thousands of fintech developers scrambled to find a Yahoo Finance API replacement. Individual investors, startups, and even fortune 500 companies had taken advantage of this free service to obtain financial data like stock prices for their websites, intranets, and analytics applications.

Yahoo Probably Removed the Finance API for Financial Reasons

Yahoo hasn’t disclosed why they canceled the API but  we can be confident that money had everything to do with it. Yahoo is not a stock exchange nor is it a data provider. This means that Yahoo has to buy its stock data from at least one, if not several, data providers. When Yahoo contracted with these parties to obtain this data, their agreements included “redistribution rights.”

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