Frequently Requested Data Types

Intrinio gets requests from users for many types of financial data- since Intrinio’s prices and terms are some of the most user friendly in the industry, investors and developers want to see us expand coverage so they can stop using more expensive alternatives. What follows is a list of our most frequently requested data types, what we cover in that area, and our plans to expand:

Foreign Exchanges

Intrinio currently provides fundamentals and pricing data for securities that file with the SEC, meaning that our coverage is limited for entities outside of the United States. One exception to this are a small group of indices for which we have end of day and historical price data:

  • STOXX 50 Europe Index
  • German DAX Composite
  • French CAC 40 Index
  • Hong Kong Hang Seng index
  • Shanghai Composite Index
  • Tokyo Nikkei 225 Index
  • ASX All Ordinaries Index
  • Tel Aviv TA-100

The largest share of our requests in this area are for Indian and Canadian equities which we are targeting for 2016.

American Depository Receipts (ADRs)

Frequently, a customer will be looking for a specific ticker symbol that is “missing” from our North American coverage. ADRs represent shares in a foreign (non-US) security that are traded in the United States. Intrinio covers roughly 50, generally large, ADRs and provides basic company information and pricing for those securities.

If the security you are interested in is an ADR, you can search our coverage to determine if it is included. If not, then that particular equity will be covered when foreign exchange data is expanded.

Mutual Funds/ETFs

Intrinio started off as a valuation firm seeking to provide the inputs, data and analytics tools, investors would need to output the intrinsic value of a single security- thus the name, Intrinio (Intrinsic + Input + Output). That mission means we haven’t focused on aggregated securities like ETFs and mutual funds but it is a target for us in 2016 since part of our mission is to make financial data accessible and affordable. We know a big chunk of the developers and investors on our site are looking for this data.

Insider/Institutional Holdings

We get requests for this data on a weekly basis since many investors see moves in these areas as leading indicators that predict the direction a stock is heading. We have a data source lined up here and plan to release it this fall.

Real Time Prices

Intra-day pricing is provided by IEX. The intra-day pricing is “real time” and is available through the rest API, a web-socket, and what we call the “fire-hose” option. If you are looking for real time prices, you should be aware of the extremely high price mainstream exchanges charge for this data as well as the redistribution restrictions that make it difficult to build an application.

Intrinio has no plans to switch from its use of IEX real time pricing- we are aware that IEX marketshare is small, meaning their pricing data is not as accurate as larger providers, however we feel that the low cost and flexibility IEX provides aligns with our mission of making data affordable and accessible.