Customer Spotlight: FinanceBoards Real Time Prices Widget

One of the best parts about working at Intrinio is that we get to see our data come alive in the apps, software and innovations that our users build. Today, we’re proud to feature one of our earliest customers, FinanceBoards.

The team at FinanceBoards built a bridge to integrate any API into custom widgets on a dashboard. This innovation enables anyone (even first time investors) to access powerful financial data in one place on their own, customizable dashboard. Imagine how convenient this is when you’re analyzing investments!

Currently, FinanceBoards offers access to dozens of data feeds. Users can leverage those feeds to build their own dashboards, or use any of the pre-configured dashboards:

  • Financials
  • Technicals
  • Analysts
  • Web & Social
  • Options
  • Risk & Return
  • Buying Rankings
  • Selling Rankings
  • Short Term Buying
  • Short Term Selling
  • & Much more…

This blog will highlight a particular widget that FinanceBoards created leveraging the Intrinio IEX Real-Time Data Feed. Intrinio was one of the first data platforms to integrate IEX real time pricing data, for the first time ever making real time intelligence available to the masses, restriction free, at affordable prices, and ready to integrate and redistribute.

If you’re interested in accessing real time stock prices, check out the Intrinio Marketplace, where you can subscribe to the IEX Data Feed and get started streaming prices for as low as $50/month – in Excel or via a REST API. (Remember, you can chat us live any time if you have questions!)

FinanceBoards leveraged easy access to IEX real-time prices data to build a widget that provides its users with instant views of last trade, top of the book chart and more.

FinanceBoards IEX Widget

The widgets are showing Microsoft Corp’s (NSDQ:MSFT BC) real time stock prices which represent the bid, ask, and last price data-points from the Investors Exchange(IEX).

After subscribing to FinanceBoards, a quick glance at these widgets can help you decide whether to buy or sell – important intelligence for any investor.


  1. The current date of the trades in real time
  2. The actual bid price for the stock
  3. The total shares for the specific bid price


  1. The current date of the trades in real time
  2. The actual ask price for the stock
  3. The total shares for the specific ask price

If you’re not a developer or familiar with APIs or websockets, the FinanceBoards platform provides a perfect platform for you to access real time prices – without needing any technical expertise.

Sign up for a free account on FinanceBoards to get started today – or check out their 7-minute overview that gives you step by step instructions on creating your own widgets and dashboards.

We couldn’t be prouder of our users (family) at Intrinio and they continue to amaze us with how they leverage our data. In particular, we love what FinanceBoards has built because it is in line with our mission to make data, research and investing tools available to everyone – affordably!

If you’ve built something bomb with Intrinio data, please chat us and let us know – we’d love to feature you too.

Happy hacking!