Excel 2016 For Mac – Functionality Released

Intrinio Excel add-in Now Supports Excel 2016 for Mac

We know we’re late on this one – but we’ve been busy bees!

The Intrinio Data Feed can now be accessed via Microsoft Excel 2016 on Mac operating systems.


Intrinio offers the most affordable financial data feed on the market, and it’s the only data feed compatible on both Mac and Windows operating systems. We strive for unprecidented flexibility, cross-platform compatibility, instant customer support, and prices that make you do a double take.

We’re pleased to announce that our Excel add-in is now functional and compatible on Microsoft Excel for Mac OS X 2016. The full functionality is available, enabling you to pull in any piece of financial data from our data set. Remember, this includes:

  • Last Stock Price Data: 50,000 securities
  • Historical Stock Price Data: 8,700 securities
  • As-Reported Financial Statement Data: 7,000 securities
  • Standardized Financial Statement Data: 3,500 securities
  • Basic Company Information
  • Hundreds of Metrics and Ratios
  • Valuation Ratios
  • Sales, Growth & Earnings Estimates
  • Pricing Data for 16 Indices
  • 200,000 Economic Data Seires NEW
  • Stock News NEW!!!
  • Historical Time Series Data NEW!!!


Example: You can pull in Exxon Mobil’s Close Price (XOM) —>


Example: You can pull in Tesla’s (TSLA) Revenue from 2014 —>



Check out this blog highlighting a Quant Modeling project we worked on.

Here’s another blog that shows the steps we took utilizing the Intrinio Excel add-in to build a Discounted Cash Flow model with students from the University of South Florida.

Remember, it’s easy to sign up. Just visit www.intrinio.com, click Register in the upper right hand corner, verify your email, and click “Data Feed” in the header. You’ll instantly get access to your API keys (in other words, a username and password for accessing the data). You’ll see step-by-step instructions for downloading the Excel add-in with videos outlining the process step by step.

We’re almost always available via chat support on our webiste. If you run into any issues or have a question, click on the green button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen and a member of our team will be there shortly to assist you.



Get started for free today by visiting www.intrinio.com. Register with your email, visit our pricing page, and check out our documentation or Youtube videos for help getting started.

We’re always available via 24/7 chat on our website – just click the green button in the bottom right hand corner of the page for support. 

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