Finance API via Intrinio’s Developer Program: Free For Startups

Intrinio has a very specific mission. We want to make financial data affordable and easy to access. That mission was born out of our attempt to launch our own app, an attempt that failed because the data was too expensive. When we went searching for a finance API that could power what would later become Valuation,  all of the options were either too expensive or too difficult to access for a startup.

So we took a detour and gathered the data ourselves by focusing on building our own finance API our own way. We constructed the API to be easy to access and affordable for startups. This article explains how our mission has come full circle with the Intrinio Developer Program, our program to give free data to developers.

The Finance API

Fintech developers built Intrinio’s API. This means data from the SEC, FED, and FDIC is organized the way financial analysts want to see it and delivered the way  developers want to see it. You can check out the RESTful API here. Responses are in JSON format with basic authentication administered over HTTPS. Thats a complicated way of saying making API calls with Intrinio is so simple anyone can do it.

We have sample code in languages like R, C#, Javascript, Ruby, PHP, Swift, and Python.  You can see the sample code and sample API calls here. Developers can access the finance API using any programming language via a growing number of data feeds. These feeds are available in Intrinio’s Fintech Marketplace. Users can subscribe to data types like real time stock prices, 10Q and 10K fundamentals, and FDIC call reports – the list grows every week.

Intrinio makes it easy for developers by using a single API with multiple data feeds. Users can subscribe to just the feeds they need and work within a unified ecosystem. A single security master and API syntax works for all data types. Intrinio’s finance API is completely focused on app builders with documentation that will feel familiar to coders everywhere.

Here is a quick video overview of the API:

The Developer Program

We’ve done our best to make the API accessible. The Developer Program makes it affordable.  Our paid plans are certainly affordable, with redistribution included for startups, as well as enterprises. The developer program takes this affordability one step further by giving free access to startups for 6 months.

Our team remembers what it was like to have nothing but energy and an idea. In many industries this is all it takes, but in fintech getting data is a major barrier to building a minimum viable product. Just getting started can take major funding.

The developer program solves this problem for startups. By simply messaging our team and filling out a 1 page application, developers can get to work for free.

Any developer or startup company with plans to build a public facing app qualifies as long as they have less than $10,000 in monthly recurring revenue and less than $200,000 in funding.

Feeds with "Developer" options qualify for free finance API access

Data feeds with a “Developer” option qualify for free finance API access

Developer program participants get free access to numerous data feeds. They also get support from Intrinio’s team. They can chat with our data experts or get on a call with our developers. Intrinio will even provide marketing support. We write feature articles about the participating startups and drive traffic right to their sites. Our goal is to help developers succeed.

Whats the catch?

You have to pay after 6 months! Intrinio moves developer program participants to startup plans at the end of the program. These plans cost between $50 and $500 a month with most startups paying roughly $300 a month to redistribute Intrinio data in their application. These costs are designed to be affordable on a startup’s budget. Developers who have compared finance APIs will notice Intrinio’s prices are missing some $0s.

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