Financial Data – A Radical Change in Pricing


At Intrinio, you only pay for the financial data you use.

Last week we decided to do away with an age-old pricing model in the financial data industry. For years, investors have been constrained within a pricing model that leaves them overpaying for data. On average, you only use 10% of the data from your expensive data subscription. The model doesn’t work, and it isn’t fair to users of financial data.

So we changed it.

The Intrinio Financial Data Feed is now priced based on your usage. You can start out with a free trial on many of our feeds. We have pricing Tiers that go all the way up to 1,000,000 Average API calls per day – and more. Our Pricing Tiers are flexible, so you can move up and down depending on your usage. View our new pricing!

Add as many collaborators to your account as you’d like. These unlimited collaborators are all easily managed by the administrator under one account, and their API usage is applied to that account.

This video shows you how to manage, add, remove or group individual users within your account from one location.

We also won’t charge you anything extra to redistribute our data. Seriously. Post it on your blog, integrate it into your app, tattoo it on your bicep. Most financial data firms will charge you steep fees for this – but honestly, we don’t care. Redistribute away.

At Intrinio, we believe in transparency and flexibility. Our job is to provide you with financial data and resources easier, faster, and more affordable than ever before. Every morning we wake up with the mission of removing your roadblocks. It’s not just a Data Feed, it’s #DataFreed.

Break free of the old financial data pricing model, and get started for free today.

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