Find, Analyze, and Value Stocks Quickly With Intrinio

Intrinio provides many different data feeds and applications in its Fintech marketplace and this blog explains how to use three of those apps to analyze stocks using the US Fundamentals and Stock Prices. Intrinio makes it possible to screen for stocks based on set parameters, quickly run a DCF on those companies, and then dig into the details for those that look under valued- all for a portion of the price the other guys charge. This article will show you how.

Screen for Stocks

The Intrinio Screener for Excel (ISE) is a free app that works in Excel Online and Excel 2013 or newer for PC. The screener is unique in that it works right inside of Excel and you can output the results to Excel with ease. Another advantage is that you can screen on hundreds of parameters, ranging from traditional metrics like P/E to less common items from a company balance sheet or income statement like revenue.

ISE is a good way to narrow down the list of stocks you want to investigate. To install the screener, start here. You’ll need to use your Access Keys from your account in the first step, if you don’t already have an Intrinio account, its easy and free to get one.

Once you have the screener installed, it will look like this:

Using the Intrinio Screener for Excel to Analyze Stocks

ISE gives you an easy interface right within Excel and, as you can see in this next image, exporting the results to a table makes them even easier to work with:

Using the Intrinio Screener to Analyze Stocks

I won’t get into which items to screen on, that depends on how you want to invest and your own research, but ISE does make screening to find a smaller list of stocks very easy.

Analyze Stocks

Once you have your list of stocks, Intrinio’s web app Vantage  makes it easy to run an automated DCF for each of the companies. This tool makes it very easy to analyze stocks. Using Wall Street consensus estimates and a free cash flow to firm model to find the intrinsic value of a security in seconds, you can get  a qualitative look at the intrinsic value of a stock.

Vantage makes it easy to run through the results of your screen to pick a few companies for further analysis. A recent Vantage output of AT&T looked like this:

Using Vantage to Analyze Stocks

Vantage makes it easy to adjust the assumptions driving model, view the balance sheet and income statement, and take a look at dozens of valuation metrics:

Using Vantage to Analyze Stocks

Dig Into the Details with the Excel Add-In

After you get through valuing and analyzing stocks, it’s time to dig into the details. If a couple of your stocks look undervalued based on Valuation’s automated analysis, Intrinio’s free Excel add-in allows you to use existing templates or build your own model’s for further analysis. The Overview Report allows you to enter a ticker as well as securities for comparable analysis:screen-shot-2016-10-30-at-4-10-35-pm

The report returns roughly a dozen sheets of data including a DCF, return on invested capital analysis, and comps with the companies you entered:

Using Excel to Analyze Stocks

The Excel add-in includes templates for viewing and analyzing the historical financial statements of the company, valuation metrics, historical prices, and key metrics and ratios such as price to earnings and beta. This video provides a quick overview:

It’s important to remember that these templates are just the beginning. A user can use custom formulas to adjust, modify, and build templates to their heart’s content to really understand the fundamentals that drive a stock’s price performance.

From Zero to Investing

This article showed just one path a user could take to use Intrinio’s apps in Excel and online to find, value and analyze stocks. By automating the screening and analyzing portion of the analysis Intrinio saves investors money and makes them time so they can focus on really digging into the data to make meaningful investment decisions.

The methods described here only use 3 of Intrinio’s apps and just one of its data feeds. We can’t wait to see what you build as you explore our ecosystem and make full use out of the APIs and tools the Intrinio Fintech Marketplace puts in your hands.