Harvard Business School Partners with Intrinio

Harvard Business School Library Resources Page with Intrinio ListedStarting this fall (2015) Harvard Business School (HBS) professors and students will have free, unlimited access to the Intrinio Data Feed. The Intrinio Data Feed provides students with faster, cheaper, and more flexible access to investment-grade financial data.

Harvard Business School Library Database Resources – Intrinio

Harvard Business School students will become industry leaders…

“We’re extremely pleased to announce that we’re working with Harvard Business School,” says Intrinio Co-Founder and President Joseph French. “We recognize that access to high-quality data is of utmost importance to the educational community. I’ve personally experienced being barred from information during my education due to price hurdles, industry controls and lack of flexibility. These are not issues that the next generation of investors should have to deal with in their pursuit of an education. These students will become industry leaders. We’ve worked hard to ensure that they’ll have the most innovative and efficient resources at their fingertips while they grow.”

“Partnerships with the higher education sector, including Harvard Business School, indicate a growing interest in offering cutting-edge resources to students,” says Intrinio Co-Founder and Vice President Rachel Carpenter. “Our data feed provides them with unparalleled flexibility in their studies. Instead of waiting in line at the library for restricted access to an expensive service, they can access our data feed on their phone or tablet, from their dorm room, from an airplane – anywhere they want, providing a real-time experience. They can share financial models via Google Sheets. Students and professors are all hungry to be on the leading edge of tools and resources. It will be exciting to see the next generation of investors and developers leverage Intrinio’s resources in their work.”

As the first fintech startup to emerge from a budding entrepreneurial scene in Tampa Bay, Intrinio is challenging the traditional approach to finance through a culture of automation and a dedication to flexibility and transparency. Intrinio is introducing these innovations to both Ivy League institutions such as Harvard Business School and local institutions such as University of South Florida (USF).

“Being affordable is not the only way we are transforming a very traditional industry,” says Conor Farley, Director of Business Development at Intrinio. “We’re the only financial data provider available in the cloud. Our customers can use our data feed to build models in Google Sheets, giving them unlimited flexibility in where they access their tools and on what devices. We’re also the only financial data firm offering access and compatibility on Mac OS X, which is particularly useful for students. Unlike other systems, Intrinio is truly cross-platform – this is the future of finance.”