Intrinio Developer Program Hits 200 Participants

Here at Intrinio, we have been powering over 200 developers with six months of free financial data, support, and product marketing through our Intrinio Developer Program!

The program, an incubator of sorts, began in May 2017 and has welcomed a variety of start-ups with apps focused on everything from AI and Blockchain to financial games and education, on a plethora of platforms including traditional technology, like web and mobile, as well as new technology, like Alexa and Apple TV.

Participants are granted free access to six months of financial data, support from our developer team, and product marketing on our App Marketplace as well as through our various social channels. In order to be accepted into the program, the start-up or project must have raised less than $200,000 and have less than $10,000 in average monthly revenue.

“Intrinio was born from the frustration we faced due to the lack of access to affordable financial data when we were building our first app, and the creation of the developer program is our way of working to ensure that no other start-up is faced with that roadblock,” said Rachel Carpenter, CEO of Intrinio.  “We believe that when access to financial data is restricted to an elite minority, innovation is crushed, and great ideas fall by the wayside, when they could be pushing the industry forward.”

Once participants complete the Developer Program, they are transitioned onto a low-cost start-up plan, where they receive financial data at a fraction of the cost of traditional financial data vendors.

“It’s part of our mission to power the future of fintech by providing financial data that is not only accessible but is also affordable,” said Carpenter.

Are you a developer interested in FREE financial data for six months, support, and product marketing?

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