Is Your Data Feed Data Freed?

A financial data feed without restrictions.

At Intrinio, our Data Feed is Data Freed. We provide a wealth of financial data to users, but we do it differently than you’ve ever experienced. Whether you’re an individual investor, a professional investor, a student, a startup, or a developer, our Data Feed gives you a degree of flexibility that was never possible before. We’re constantly breaking down barriers for you and making your experience more and more seamless.

Our goal? To free you from data feed restrictions that have held you back so you can be as efficient and productive as possible.

What have we freed you from? Quite a bit:

High Prices

Historically, financial data feeds have been a premium product reserved for those who are willing to fork out thousands a month.


Manual processes have left your data prone to human error. Don’t make decisions with unreliable data.


Many data licenses require you to be either at a physical terminal, or logged into a particular license or IP address.

Redistribution Fees

It has been the norm to charge outrageous fees in order to redistribute financial data. Think hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Data Delays

Large data firms employ outdated processes. You don’t get the data until days after it becomes public.

How have we changed the game at Intrinio?

Low Prices

We’ve innovated. This means our costs are low, making your data affordable. Really affordable.

Pay as You Go

At Intrinio, you pay only for the data that you use. Nothing more.


Our automated processes ensure investment-grade quality and eliminate human error. Data you can rely on.

Cross Platform

Intrinio is the first cross-platform financial data provider. Access our data on any device, anywhere, anytime.

Redistribute Freely

We have completely eliminated redistribution fees. Do whatever you want with our data. Seriously.

Right Away

Within 2 minutes of new company filings, you’ll have the data at your disposal. We’re speedy.

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