News API: Get the Latest News on Your Stocks

When you’re managing a portfolio of stocks, it’s important to stay up to date with company news. Has Apple, Inc. announced a new version of the iPhone? Is the management shifting at Exxon Mobil? Are new regulations affecting Tesla’s future performance? Easy access to these updates via a News API helps you keep a pulse not only on the company and its performance, but on the general media and public sentiment.

This article explains how to pull the latest news on the stocks you follow via the Intrinio News API.

Getting Started With the Intrinio News API

To get started accessing news for various stocks, register for an account with Intrinio. It’s free.

Next, head to your account to view your API Keys. From there, you’ll want to visit our data feed marketplace and subscribe to the US Fundamentals and Stock Prices data feed to access the News API.

First, you’ll need to get started with your access method of choice. Will you leverage the news data through the Intrinio API, or would you rather use it in Excel?

This blog walks you through getting started with the API, and this tutorial will take you through each step in getting the Excel add-in installed. You can access the News API through either of these tools.

Accessing the Latest News For Your Stocks

Once you’re ready with the API or the Excel add-in, here’s how to access the data you want.

Sample News API Calls

Here is an example API call from the News API:

As you can see, choosing the identifier “AAPL” will return a list of the latest news stories for Apple, Inc. If you’d like to isolate specifics, like the title or the publication date, you can parse that information out of the main API call.

Sample News API Calls in Excel

The News API function for Excel has three parameters. The ticker, the item you want returned, and a sequence. You can search all available tickers via our Data Explorer. The available items for return are:

  • Title
  • Publication Date
  • URL
  • Summary

The sequence, much like other Intrinio API calls, identifies which news article you want to pull in. A sequence of 0 will pull in the most recent. A sequence of 1 will pull in the second most recent, and so on.

Intrinio News API Article Title in Excel

Intrinio News API Article Summary in Excel

Remember that if you run into issues, you can chat with our team! We’re here to help and make sure you get the most out of the data. Enjoy!