Excel 2016 For Mac – Functionality Released

Intrinio Excel add-in Now Supports Excel 2016 for Mac

We know we’re late on this one – but we’ve been busy bees!

The Intrinio Data Feed can now be accessed via Microsoft Excel 2016 on Mac operating systems.


Intrinio offers the most affordable financial data feed on the market, and it’s the only data feed compatible on both Mac and Windows operating systems. We strive for unprecidented flexibility, cross-platform compatibility, instant customer support, and prices that make you do a double take.

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Sector & Industry Data Joins the Squad

Intrinio Now Offers Aggregated Sector & Industry Data

We’ve unleashed the power of aggregating industry statistics so that you can efficiently perform top down analysis.

This data is based on company reported Standard Industrial Classification numbers. 

These indices are updated monthly, reflecting all newly reported filings. 

An Intrinio SIC Index is created with the following format: $SIC.XXXX.

Example: $SIC.1380

-> returns aggregated industry statistics for the Oil & Gas Field Services

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Historical Data: We Gave Data Point a Makeover

Historical Data: Query any data point as a historical time series.

The same data points, but now with functionality that lets you slice and dice the information historically.

Now, in addition to analyzing our wealth of financial data, you can analyze historical time series data to uncover trends, analyze patterns, chart, graph and display historical data, and project the future.

Combined with the rest of our data offering (stock prices, fundamentals, metrics, ratios, earnings estimates, news, economic data etc.) -> Intrinio users have comprehensive access to the information they need to make informed, intelligent investment decisions – without breaking the bank.

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Stock News Feed Added to Intrinio API

Introducing: Stock News

Intrinio now enables its users to pull in stock news on the companies they follow.

By entering in one simple formula, our users can return the most recent news stories for every company in our coverage (any US publicly traded company).

This exciting expansion of our data set enables you to stay up to date with trending topics and key events that are crucial to your investments, your portfolio, your app, your website, your blog or your customers.

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Weekly Valuation Feature: Can Ford Transition to Vehicles as a Service (VaaS)?

Each week, we’ll be featuring a Report from Valuation on our Blog.

What is Valuation?

Valuation is an innovative engine online built for valuing public comapnies – and it’s free. Our Users can simply type in a ticker and they’ll instantly see a “default” intrinsic value for the stock. The platform is flexible, allowing you to easily click and drag your assumptions and the main drivers of the model up and down. The engine is perfect for scenario and sensitivity testing, helping you to quickly gauge whether a company is over or undervalued. You can save all of your Valuations. Currently, Valuation is structured around the Discounted Cash Flow method. Stay tuned, because we’re going to be building out additional methodology and features soon.


What is a Report?

We’ve built a collaborative platform called Exchange. It’s the only platform for exchanging investment analyses that is both qualitative and quantitiative, requiring the actual numbers to back up your conclusions. Users can “Create a Report” and choose one of their Valuations to associate it with. They can then add a written, qualitative analysis to accompany their quantitative valuation, and attach any additional files that they want. These Reports are posted to our Exchange where our users can comment, discuss, and collaborate. Visit Exchange to acquire Reports and add them to your “Library”


This Week’s Feature: “Can Ford Make the Transition to Vehicles as a Service (VAS)?”

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Stock Price Data: Intrinio Adds More Frequencies

Introducing: Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly Historical Price Data

We’ve officially added a new frequency parameter to our stock price data. The Intrinio Financial Data Feed now offers Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly Historical Stock Price Data. You can easily and flexibly pull this data into Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or any platform using our API. Our pricing is one-of-a-kind, enabling you to get started with a free trial, if you like what you see, easily upgrade to a paid plan, and still – ONLY pay for the data you use.

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