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Intrinio is pleased to announce the addition of QUODD to the Intrinio Fintech Marketplace. Intrinio users can now access more than a dozen real-time stock, index, commodities, forex, and options price feeds through QUODD’s low latency exchange connections.

This article explains which data feeds are included and how they can be accessed by different types of users.

Which Data Feeds Are Included

If you visit the marketplace and select the “real-time” category, you will see the real-time price feeds.

Real time API and websocket data feeds

QUODD real time feeds in the marketplace

All feeds include streaming bid, ask, last price, and volume data for the securities on those particular exchanges. Here is the list:

  • NASDAQ: Prices for securities trading on the NASDAQ exchange
  • NYSE A: Prices for securities trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
  • NYSE B: Prices from the NYSE for stocks formerly trading on the AMEX
  • OPRA Real-Time Options: Equity and index option prices from 15 exchanges
  • OTC stocks: Realtime prices from 3 over the counter markets
  • Consolidated feed: This feed brings together trades from multiple exchanges
  • NASDAQ UTP: Best bid and offer (BBO) quotes from exchanges with unlisted trading privileges (UTP)
  • NYSE MKT: Realtime prices for the NYSE MKT Exchange
  • NYSE Indices:  Index and ETF prices from NYSE including NAV & IPV
  • NYMEX Futures: Streaming oil, electricity, coal, and agriculture futures
  • FTSE Russell Indices: Russell index prices including NAV and settlement values
  • Dow Jones Averages: S&P 500, DJ Industrial, and other popular averages
  • COMEX Futures: Precious metal futures
  • CME Futures: Real time futures for FX, equity indices, and livestock contracts
  • CBOE Indices: 282 index values from S&P and CBOE for volatility and S&P indices
  • NASDAQ Indices: Index, ETF, fixed income, composition, and exchange rates from NASDAQ’s GIDS service

Clicking on each data feed will reveal details about the feed, including the price and data types.

Accessing the Feeds

Currently, all QUODD real time feeds are available for enterprise customers via REST API. For investment firms, corporations, websites, and other institutions that need realtime stock prices, just contact us and we will get you a quote in less than 24 hours. If you are already paying for realtime data or are getting quotes from other providers, we will usually come in 50% cheaper with unflinching quality and better support.

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Over the next few months, we will be releasing weboscket API access for individual and professional investors. Currently, NASDAQ real time stock prices can be accessed this way for $75/mo for non-professional investors and $125/mo for professionals. Websocket access is made easy via SDKs in many popular coding languages:

As more realtime feeds become available for individual developers we will be sure to make updates here. Excel users, developers, and individuals will still have access to all of Intrinio’s existing historical EOD prices and realtime IEX prices as explained here.