Sector & Industry Data Joins the Squad

Intrinio Now Offers Aggregated Sector & Industry Data

We’ve unleashed the power of aggregating industry statistics so that you can efficiently perform top down analysis. This data is based on company reported Standard Industrial Classification numbers. These indices are updated monthly, reflecting all newly reported filings.

An Intrinio SIC Index is created with the following format: $SIC.XXXX.

Example: $SIC.1380

-> returns aggregated industry statistics for the Oil & Gas Field Services

Sector & Industry Data can be pulled in the same way that Historical Data points are pulled in. Use the same formulas, substituting $SIC.XXXX for the ticker.


FULL URL:$SIC.1380&item=totalrevenue&type=QTR&frequency=monthly&stat=median



This will return the Oil & Gas Field Industry’s median monthly return on equity each month, for the year of 2012. 12 values will be returned.

  • Stats: you can query the following types of statistics for the SIC Indices: count | sum | max | 75thpctl | mean | median | 25thpctl | min
  • Frequency: you can query the following frequenciesfor the SIC indices:  daily | weekly | monthly | quarterly | yearly (defaults to daily)
For a full list of the parameters that you can set, please visit our documentation.
Sector & Industry Data is just one of many data sets we offer at Intrinio. We are consistently adding new functionality and data, so stay tuned!

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