Stock Index Data Now Available Through Intrinio

The team at Intrinio is pleased to announce that we now offer Stock Index data!

In an effort to continue providing our customers with the fastest, most flexible, high-quality financial data, we have officially expanded our data set to include Stock Index data.

Intrinio Stock Index Data Example API Request

We now offer:

  • Name of Index
  • Country
  • Historical AND 15-Minute Delayed Pricing Data
  • Pricing Data: Open
  • Pricing Data: High
  • Pricing Data: Low
  • Pricing Data: Close
  • Pricing Data: Change in Price
  • Pricing Data: % Change
  • Pricing Data: 52-Week High
  • Pricing Data: 52-Week Low
  • Pricing Data: Volume

For the following Stock Indices:

  • AORD -> ASX All Ordinaries Index
  • CACD -> French CAC 40 Index
  • COMPQ -> Nasdaq Composite
  • DAX -> German DAX Composite
  • DJI -> Dow Jones Industrial Average
  • FTSE -> London FTSE 100 Index
  • HSI -> Hong Kong Hang Seng Index
  • NDX -> S&P 100 Index
  • NIKK -> Tokyo Nikkei 225 Index
  • NYA -> NYSE Composite
  • RUT -> Russell 2000 Index
  • SPX -> S&P 500 Index
  • SSEC -> Shanghai Composite Index
  • STOXX50 -> STOXX 50 Europe Index
  • TA100 -> Tel Aviv TA-100 Index
  • WLSH -> Wilshire 5000 Total Index

The indices are called with a ($) in our Intrinio functions =>

Example: =IntrinioDataPoint(“$SPX”,”close_price”)

Visit our main page to get started. When you register you’ll receive a free 10-day trial and you can immediately get started accessing the Stock Index data. Contact us at any time for pricing or support by clicking the green “Help” button in the lower right hand corner of your screen.

For those of you that are already registered, please be sure you have downloaded and are using the most up-to-date version of the Excel add-in, which can be downloaded on the “Data Feed” page of our site.

When you download the Intrinio Excel add-in, there is a template in the add-in folder called “IntrinioSecurityPrices.xlsm”. This template is a great way to get started understanding this data set and how you can leverage the API, Excel add-in or Google Sheets add-on to digest our stock index data.

In addition to Stock Index Data we offer a wealth of financial data:

  • Last Stock Price Data: 50,000 Securities
  • Historical Stock Price Data: 8,700 Securities
  • As-Reported Financial Statement Data: 7,000 Securities
  • Standardized Financial Statement Data: 3,500 Securities
  • Basic Company Information
  • Hundreds of Metrics & Ratios
  • Sales, Growth & Earnings Estimates
  • Pricing Data for 16 Indices
  • Economic Data

We welcome all comments, suggestions or feedback – so don’t be shy. Shoot us a message at any time.

Let’s Grow Together.